One Week Weight Loss Plan


One Week Weight Loss Plan


All too often decent people with a desire to lose weight have allowed themselves to be mislead by promises of instant weight loss techniques. Who can not fail to be impressed by claims and testimonials such as ‘ I lost over a stone in month’ which are often put down to the latest miracle diet or cure.


The problem with so many of these claims is not that they are necessarily completely untrue but that they fail to address one key critical fact: That just because something works for one individual does not mean that it is going to work in the same way for some body else. We are all different with different needs. Also losing lots of weight in a week is not something recommended by most doctors and nutrional experts


Not only is fast weight loss unhealthy, but your body is actually designed to prevent itself from losing weight. If you try to lose more than the recommended one to two pounds of fat per week, your body will turn to and burn its own muscle for energy. The loss of lean muscle mass negates any weight loss you might be trying to accomplish, as muscle is what makes your body healthy, toned and in motion. Having more muscle makes your resting metabolism work harder, which means you burn more calories while you're at rest. You must consume at least 1,200 calories a day to prevent the loss of muscle


So it may be surprising to hear that people who eat more in a week are more likely to lose weight in a healthy and quicker fashion with the added advantage that they will not feel deprived as a bonus. Here are some things you should consider implementing into your daily routine to see a fast improvement in your weight levels.
In your first week of losing weight there are several things you can do straight away. You should reduce your intake of these foods as much as possible. You can do this by:


  • Swapping sugary and fatty snacks for fruit, diet yogurt or a slice of wholemeal toast with reduced-fat spread
  • Choosing water, reduced-fat milk or low-calorie drinks instead of sugar-rich drinks
  • Using only a scraping of spread on your bread and using an oil spray to limit fat when cooking


Try also to increase your intake of Starchy carbohydrate foods, such as bread, potatoes, rice and breakfast cereals. These provide us with energy and other nutrients, including iron and B vitamins. Starchy foods should make up about a third of your total daily energy intake. Make sure that you choose unrefined types that are higher in fibre. They'll make you feel full for longer and help to control hunger. A balanced diet should contain about five portions of starchy foods each day.

Alcohol is a major part of peoples lives. Alcohol also has many calories and it is fattening. It also puts your blood pressure up. It is best to drink alcohol only in moderation. A reasonable amount is 2 units for women and 3 units for men each day. Always have something to eat with your drink or shortly before to try and keep you full and less likely to drink more quickly.


When it comes to exercise you need to get out of the mindset that you need to spend endless hours on a treadmill. To begin with you just want to think about how to keep and stay active- though of course don’t let that put you off joining a gym if you are untra dedicated and committed to the idea of it. The best type of weight loss exercise can be broken down into three points. It should be:

  • Something that you like (love) to do
  • Something that you can do everyday for 30-60 minutes
  • Something that can at least make you break a little sweat
  • So sadly that rules out watching TV, reading and sleeping. Just think about something that you enjoy doing that requires you to move.


Even activities that you may not enjoy like DIY , gardening or housecleaning can be done to lose weight. They are not just chores to do around your home but they are weight loss exercises as well.  Just do some kind of activity everyday for at least 60 minutes. Don’t make up a workout routine—just try to do something to begin with and that includes when you come in from work and feel tired!

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No "TV, sleeping, reading" really struck home in B&W since that's me to a T most days. And, no excuse - I have a big, happy dog that loves to go for walks and I live in a mature neighbourhood full of houses and trees. So, here I go. It's Thanksgiving weekend - beautiful fall weather - and I will show that I love my dog and I will walk him, as the beginning of a new healthy habit. really does work!!! :) thankyou so much!!!


Thanks small2716. Glad you found it helpful.

Very logical, informative article.


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