Simple Healthy Recipes + Cooking Tips for Beginners


Simple Healthy Recipes + Cooking Tips for Beginners

Cooking can be really difficult, especially if you're just starting out. To help you learn how to be a better cook, we've compiled our best collections of easy cooking recipes and cooking tips for beginners. Everything from dump-and-go recipes to information about your kitchen knives, you are soon going to be more comfortable in your own kitchen. You're going to know how to cook quinoa which you've been hearing a lot about and how to marinate everything in your fridge. For extra help, we have a collection of easy recipes from our test kitchen that we've tried for you. 

31 Easy Cooking Recipes for Beginners

There's no doubt about it that cooking meals at home is better for your health (and your wallet), but cooking can be complicated. In this collection of beginner healthy recipes, you can eat something delicious without a complicated cooking process.

How to Cook Quinoa

Quinoa is a trendy food and for good reason: it's a super-food that is high in protein and fiber. It's a lot easier to make than you think and there are so many easy quinoa recipes that you can make at home. 

How to Incorporate Super Foods in Your Diet

You've heard about super foods, but do you know what they are? Foods like salmon, quinoa, and blueberries are super foods because they're packed with things your body needs like omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

14 Easy Dinner Recipes for Beginners

Attempting to cook for yourself can be a challenge, so we've collected some of our easiest dinner recipes that you can try tonight. All of these easy healthy recipes for beginners will set you on the right track to hone your cooking skills.

Beginner's Guide to Kitchen Knives

Your knives are your most important tools in your kitchen. It's important to know the difference between your serrated bread knife and a paring knife so you can stay safe in the kitchen and cook more easily using the correct tools.

How Long Does It Take to Grill Chicken, Really?

Chicken is a culinary staple in most households, because it's tasty and easy to make for dinner. Grilling is one of the fastest ways to cook your chicken, and with these helpful tips, you will know exactly how long you need to grill it for.

How to Marinate Anything

Marinated food just tastes better, but you can always accidentally over-marinate something so it's best to be careful. You can marinate everything from your steak to your seafood to your vegetables, so find out just how long you should marinate your food so you don't over-marinate!

Cooking Vegetables Tips

There are so many ways to make vegetables even more delicious from steaming to grilling. Find out all of the different ways to cook your vegetables and how long it'll take in this helpful article!

Portion Sizes for a Healthy Balanced Diet

Portion sizes are huge these days, especially in the United States. Bigger meals have become the norm and people are no longer aware of how much they should be eating. This is a helpful guide to how much should be on your plate. 

Healthy Cooking and Baking Substitutions

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to make big, dramatic changes to your diet. There are a lot of little ways you can change recipes to make them a little bit healthier. With these ingredient substitutions, you are well on your way to having a healthier lifestyle and diet.

How to Read a Nutrition Label

One of the first steps to eating healthier is understanding what is in your food. A nutrition label will help you know the proper serving size, the number of calories, trans fats, proteins, and sugars are in the food. With this knowledge, you'll be able to monitor what you're putting in your body, which is the first step to living a healthy lifestyle. Test Kitchen

We try a lot of recipes in our test kitchen so that you don't have to. If you're just starting to learn how to cook for yourself, start with some of these tried and true recipes. There are plenty of beginner healthy recipes to choose from and since we've tried them, we know they're delicious!

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